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Better data – better results

Xima provides comprehensive telecom data analytics alongside the Avaya platform with a choice of reports available.

Standard Reports

  • Cradle to Grave – Program that allows you to sort, search for any call and see every detailed

contained within that call

  • 50 Standard Reports – Agent Reports, Group Reports, Trunk, Performance Reports, Time Interval

Reports, Customer Reports

  • Report Scheduling – Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly – Emailed, Saved to the Directory, Printed
  • Internal Chat and File sharing – For entire organization
  • 911 Alerting – Email, SMS text and desktop notification
  • Unlimited Logins – Web browser and desktop client


Custom Reports

  • Unlimited Reports – Create unlimited amount of new reports with built in report wizard
  • Edit Existing Reports – Edit any existing standard report
  • Custom Call Values – Re-define standard call values
  • Custom Skin creator – Insert custom logo, header and colours to brand the report
  • Call Costing, location Reporting
  • Auto-email on value thresholds



Voice recording technology

  • T1, PRI, SIP Line Side Recording
  • Recording Rules – Set calls to be recorded by incoming number, External number, Account Code, Agent, Hunt Group, Time of Day, Call Direction and More – You get to choose which calls to record
  • Manuel Recording – Stop, Start and Pause call recording
  • PCI and HIPPA Compliant
  • Cradle to Grave – Program that allows you to sort and search for any call and see every detail contained within that call, and listen to the call
  • Email, Download and Delete Recordings – permissions within the software
  • Retention Policies – Auto-delete emails to make room for new recordings or delete recordings after a time period (set by customer)
  • Recording Monitor – See a real time view of the currently recorded calls
  • Call Compression and Encryption
  • Dynamic Recording Ports



  • Agent Time Line – See the current state of the agent, including group status, DND status andlogin status
  • Group Time Line – See the current calls in queue, the agent’s status, and duration of each of the queued calls
  • Realtime Stats – Customizable wallboards that can be displayed on a _at screen TV, accessedfrom any PC on the network
  • Alerts and Triggers – Audible alarms, Email, SMS Text and pop screen notification on thresholds
  • Additional Reports – Reporting Agent Time Card, Login durations, and DND durations


Agent Dashboards

  • Customizable Agent Displays – Showing call stats, queue status, group stats and more
  • Pop-up Notifications – POP Screen on inbound and outbound calls
  • Account Code Association – Also referred to as Job Codes or Disposition codes
  • CRM Pop Screen Integration
  • Custom Note field
  • Aux Work Codes – Also known as busy reason codes or After Call Work (ACW) States
  • Presence Display – for all dashboard agents