Why call recording is the future of business education

Why call recording is the future of business education

From the cheesy introductory videos of the 1980s to the complex training programs of modern day training, a great deal of the ways that new employees learn from a business is via a third party experience; with very little hands-on experience prior to their first phone call or customer consultation.

According to a study by the University of Chicago, https://news.uchicago.edu/article/2015/04/29/learning-doing-helps-students-perform-better-science learning by doing rather than watching or from hypothetical situations – can massively boost performance. So why don’t we apply this to the workplace?

So why record calls?

For many businesses, call recording is just a method of keeping an eye on day to day business, it provides something to refer back to should any issues arise in regards to employees and customers. In simple terms, the presence of recorded calls provides a safety net for many businesses. But that’s not the only way that recording calls can be used; and by only using it for this method, we’re losing a lot of the potential that call recording holds.

Call recording for training

By using call recording as a training tool, it allows new employees to see how it is actually done. Whether you use a script or a more freeform approach, people naturally learn by copying or following what someone else is doing. Providing access to good examples of customer care and service, whether it’s a positive experience or even teaching employees how they should react to specific situations, call records turn hypotheticals into reality.

Active practice – Learning by doing

Using call recording systems on platforms such as Horizon, Avaya or Xima – where computerized playback is easy – education doesn’t have to stop after initial training. Providing time for call center employees to listen back to their calls and learn from them could prove valuable, and see where they have gone wrong. Staging practice calls prior to induction onto a proper phone line allows for hands-on learning of what to do and what not to do. Being able to role play situations that may otherwise be difficult will not only improve the customer experience but your employee’s knowledge too.

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