What specific benefits can using hosted Avaya IP Office deliver?

Most businesses will now be familiar with the Avaya IP Office telecommunications system. The original IP Office uses on-site VoIP technology to help users communicate better and it is packed full of awesome features. The world of telecoms is always progressing though, and this means that you could now decide to use hosted Avaya IP Office if you prefer. In simple terms, this offers all the great advantages of the original version but operates entirely in the Cloud.

But what specific benefits does this way of handling your telecommunications set-up deliver?

Extra reductions in cost

VoIP systems are well-known for helping to reduce business expenses. This is due to them using internet technology to slash how much calls cost to make. This is true for both on-site VoIP systems and hosted Cloud-based systems. One extra advantage that hosted Avaya IP Office brings though is additional cost savings. This is because you no longer have to buy or maintain expensive IT infrastructure on-site in your business to operate it.

Extra level of security

Opting to use hosted Avaya IP Office can also help bring an extra layer of security to your business. As all the servers and equipment used are housed in physical data centres in remote global locations, it is a much more secure arrangement. This is much safer than having any equipment on-site and having to secure it yourself. It is also a lot less hassle!

Brings your business into the future

Cloud-based tech is key to most businesses now in terms of improving productivity and collaboration. Using a hosted IP Office set-up not only puts you at the cutting-edge of telecoms for the future but also means you are familiar with how Cloud-based solutions work. As more and more business is done in this way, choosing hosted IP Office now will mean you are perfectly placed to make the most of it.

Hosted Avaya IP Office for your business

If you like the sound of what this VoIP backed telecoms system brings, get in touch today. We can install and maintain this solution for you and help you get the most from it. Get in touch today on 01625 466600 for more details.

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