What is Web RTC and its benefits?

What is Web RTC and its benefits?

For anyone in the telecommunications industry, Web RTC is quickly becoming a hot topic. However, for anyone not in this industry, or who has been out of the loop for a while, this latest trend may just sound like another piece of technical jargon that can be avoided. Our experts have been taking a keen interest in Web RTC, and know that it really isn’t something that should be ignored, especially for anyone looking to get ahead in telecommunications and looking for true digital transformation. As such, our experts have put together a short guide for you.

What is Web RTC?

Web RTC is a new type of software that works on HTML5. It can be used by businesses and individuals to post communications in real time between any browser and device. As such, this allows for users to add new voice and video content to their website in real time, without needing any plug-ins to be installed in browsers. By the end of 2016, there were an estimated 2 billion browsers installed which could facilitate Web RTC, meaning that it can easily be accessed and utilised. While it is currently widely used for video calling, and the addition of new video media to websites, the possibilities of Web RTC are endless.

What are the benefits of Web RTC?

Firstly, and foremost, Web RTC is completely free to use, with no hidden charges. As such, this software can be used by all businesses, even SMEs which have a small website and web development budget. The software was initially released as open source, which has allowed a number of dynamic variations to become available, matching almost every business type and need, and creating options for even the most diverse of websites. Finally, Web RTC is constantly improving and evolving, meaning that in the future it will have many more potential benefits for your business.

At Reliance Networks, we pride ourselves on providing Web RTC, Avaya PBX and Gamma Horizon systems for our clients, along with the development and maintenance of these systems, specifically tailored to suit your individual business needs. For more information about our services, and how we can help you with planning your digital transformation, please contact us on 01625 466600 or via Web RTC on our contacts page.

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