What is web real time communication?: A beginners guide

What is web real time communication?: A beginners guide

The telecommunications sector is a fast-moving place when it comes to effective business solutions. From VoIP systems to chatbots, there is a range of telecoms solutions that can drive better customer engagement. One of the more recent ones that many businesses are now using is Web Real Time Communication. But what exactly is it?

What is Web RTC?

Web Real Time Communication is actually quite an easy thing to understand. In simple terms, it facilitates real time video and audio communication with customers and colleagues through your computer’s web browser. It can actually help with other tasks but this is the prime one most businesses use it for.

But why is this tech needed? Communicating with another person via a web browser is actually complex without the Web RTC solution in place – to the point that it was pretty impossible. Web RTC tech uses API plug-ins to fix this issue. One of the most popular products to use within business is Wildix Web RTC.

How can this technology help your business?

Of course, any new solution in the telecommunications field has to deliver effective benefits to make it worthwhile. Web RTC has the following advantages once installed:

Superior mobile experience

User experience is a big deal when it comes to customers interacting with your brand now. This is especially true when it comes to contacting you via their smartphones. This is a very common way for people to engage with business now and an area where Web RTC can help greatly. As it is fully mobile friendly, it allows your customers to get the best user experience when on the move.

Easier collaboration

All businesses will benefit from their staff working more closely together to drive innovation. Web RTC is the perfect way to increase collaboration within your company to achieve this. Real-time meetings can be held online with people who might be in another part of the country altogether. It is even possible to extend Web RTC meetings to people outside of your business for complete stakeholder inclusivity.

Can help with customer service and sales

Web RTC is superb at helping to increase the effectiveness of your customer service by making it easy for people to engage your staff quickly via modern, digital methods. It is also amazing at allowing agents to instantly share their screen with customers helping to boost sales by giving customers the information needed to make a purchase.

Get in touch for more Web RTC details

If you like the sound of what a Web RTC system like Wildix can do for your business, then get in touch today on 01625 466600 for more details. We are experts in the installation of Wildix Web RTC and will ensure that you get the most from this fabulous technology when in place.

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