What is hosted Avaya IP Office?

The world of telecommunications is always progressing with new products or technology pushing it forward. This can be seen in recent time with the development of the hosted Avaya IP Office solution. You may have already heard of the original Avaya IP Office system which offers premium features and VoIP technology to help businesses communicate better. It may not be so clear what the hosted solution offers, though, and what it actually is. If you need a helping hand to get up to speed, read on.

It’s all about the Cloud

In simple terms, hosted Avaya IP Office is the same as normal IP Office but delivered through the Cloud. This is different than standard IP Office which is an on-site telecoms system. Avaya released it as the first business ready unified communications tool for the Cloud which also gives a good idea of what it does.

But what specific benefits can choosing to use the hosted version bring to your business?

Reduction in costs

The first thing which may sound tempting is the cost savings hosted IP Office can bring. By making it possible to deploy services in the Cloud, this solution removes the need for costly infrastructure or hardware maintenance. As with all VoIP systems, the monthly costs are much less than traditional telecoms solutions but you could see your monthly bill come down even more by using a hosted solution.

More scalability

A Cloud-based option is much easier to scale up when required. Adding other users to your system is easy and even scaling out to new locations is not a problem. Each hosted IP Office set-up can handle thousands of users and many locations which makes it ideal for growing with your business. Cloud-based solutions like this are very simple to amend when things change, which means you will only pay for what you use.

Total security

This is something that is paramount to businesses as more scams are reported each day. The tech which is used to host your IP Office system will be housed in a fully secure data centre with many features in place to keep intruders out (both on and offline). For many businesses, this is actually much safer than on-site solutions and removes the worry from them of having to keep everything safe personally.

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