What does the ISDN switch off mean for your organisation?

What does the ISDN switch off mean for your organisation?
One key thing that all successful businesses must do is plan strategically for the future. Perhaps the biggest change coming up in business telecommunications for many is the ISDN switch off announced by BT. This is planned for 2025 and will see BT turn off their Integrated Digital Services Network (ISDN) and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The other key thing to note around this news from BT is that they will no longer allow new customers to use these telecommunications networks as from 2020.

This means that if your business currently relies on either ISDN or PSTN for your telecommunications solution, you need to start planning for the future now.

What is the best alternative to use?

Before you begin to panic, do not worry. Not only do you have enough time left to switch to a supported network for the future but there is one outstanding alternative – VoIP.

Standing for Voice Over Internet Protocol, this is already used by many modern businesses for the benefits it brings. This sort of network will be supported by all the major telecoms companies like BT in the future so is a great choice to switch too. VoIP uses data networks and digital technology to offer a much more contemporary and agile solution. Common VoIP solutions within business are products like Gamma Horizon or Avaya PBX. As well as being totally scalable and perfect for unifying your communications, VoIP can also be cheaper to use within your business.

Do not leave it too long

When you see a deadline that is a few years away still, as in the case of the ISDN switch off, then you may naturally think you can leave it a while to sort out. However, this is not a good idea! In business, it is much better to be fully prepared and have your new telecommunications system installed well in advance. This will avoid seeing your old ISDN network switched off before your new VoIP system is ready to use. As the deadline gets nearer, you may also find it hard to find a VoIP provider to install your new system as they will all be busy.

Let VoIP help you deal with the big switch off

If you need to find a new VoIP system to change too, then give us a call on 01625 466600 today. As specialists in Gamma Horizon and Avaya PBX, we can install and set-up your new network with no fuss. This will mean you are fully prepared for the ISDN switch off and will not be unduly affected by it.

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