Web RTC – Join the digital revolution

Web RTC – join the digital revolution

Do you need a way to streamline the service you offer to customers? Or are you looking for a way to maintain an edge over your competitors?

Let Web RTC help and join the digital revolution within business.

What is Web RTC?

All sectors within business are undergoing radical change currently. This is especially true for any comms or phone systems that your organisation may use. The fourth industrial revolution (digital transformation) has completely changed how you should be handling telecommunications within your company.

But what is Web RTC? In simple terms, it is a new way of communicating for business that allows for many useful functions to be performed directly from web browsers. Web RTC is supported by all major internet browsers and makes both internal and external communication within your business much simpler and faster. With Web RTC, staff can conduct video calls, standard phone calls, video conferences and corporate chat from their web browser and own desk. Available on both desktop and mobile, it is quickly being adopted by many businesses globally.

Why use Web RTC?

It is one thing knowing what Web RTC is but why should you be using it? There are a whole load of great reasons to adopt this cutting-edge technology, including:

– Optimise your business processes to work smarter and harder
– Cut back on travel costs as the need to physically be at a meeting is eliminated
– Make sure your employees can be reached anytime, anywhere with mobile Web RTC solutions
– Improve customer service with more ways for staff to be reached and help customers

Web RTC is a major breakthrough for business communication and will help your organisation provide a better service to customers and encourage greater collaboration between staff.

Welcome to Wildix Unified Communications

If you are looking for the premier Web RTC package to use, Wildix Unified Communications is a great choice. This has all the above benefits and will blow you away with its superior functionality.

Within Wildix Unified Communications, you get:

– Wildix Collaboration for better staff connectivity
– Wildix UbiConf for conducting video conferences
– Web RTC Kite for better customer interaction direct from your website
– Wildix Mobility for full mobile coverage
– Wildix Management System to stay in control of the whole system

The Wildix interface is simple to pick up and gives users an intuitive way to handle all comms from their desk. This ability to work quickly and easily from the web browser is a great advantage for any business.

Superb collaboration with Wildix

When it comes to seeing your business grow, collaboration between staff is vital. Wildix Unified Communications can help massively here as it allows for unrivalled internal communication. Wildix Collaboration allows for colleagues to connect in a number of ways from the chat function to video calls and simple file sharing. It also allows for conferences, audio calls and video calls with external industry professionals.

Easy to use, it means that the next time you need to set-up a video or conference call, it can be done from employees’ desks and not the Media suite. Wildix Collaboration also allows you to connect up your whole organisation, wherever the different branches are in the world!

Let Web RTC help your business grow

If you would like to know more about how Web RTC and Wildix Unified Communications can help your business grow, give us a call today. This technology is able to work alongside your existing phone systems to make it easy to adopt. Our choice of licensing packages means there is something for all business types and a choice of handsets along with PBX, hardware or Cloud operating systems provides total flexibility.

If you want to gain a competitive edge over others in your sector, this telecommunications solution is the answer. Once you have a Web RTC system installed, it will see you lead the way in business communication while your competitors are left far behind.

Click here to get in touch via web RTC and see how easy it is!

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