The Internet of Things is revolutionising our homes

The Internet of Things is revolutionising our homes
While the Internet of Things provides us with some extraordinary innovations, not too long ago it seemed absurd that a phone could connect to the internet. Yet due to innovation, the device can now be used as a remote control for your home. This article seeks to explore innovations that have not only changed the way we live but changed the way our homes look.

Opening the door

It’s unsurprising in our modern world that more and more things are being developed to have internet capability. We’re going to start our run down at your front door. One such popular home innovation is the Ring doorbell, which wasn’t perhaps something we ever thought needed reinventing. However, Ring, a digital doorbell with an inbuilt camera (connected to an app on your smartphone), will sense when anyone approaches your front door. This innovation has simplified external home security and allows you to check on your home from wherever you are.

Inside the home

Stepping inside the home, endless innovations come into play. We’ll start in the kitchen, where a smart microwave can be controlled with the touch of a button on your phone. This means you can put your dinner on a plate in the morning and set the microwave going when you jump in your car at the end of the day. This way it’ll be ready as soon as you walk through the door. But where do you store your leftovers?

Keeping kitchens cool

The answer? In your smart fridge! Samsung is one of many companies to dip their toes into the world of smart appliances. One such smart fridge has been designed with internal cameras, allowing you to see whether or not you’ve got any milk left. Oh and when you are at home, your fridge can act as a media hub, allowing you to play videos and listen to the radio.

Elsewhere in the home innovations are omnipresent; smart speakers, lighting and even smart sprinklers mean you can effortlessly control your whole home from your phone. Ultimately, all this control requires a larger data bolt on for your mobile, talk to us today on 01625 466600 to discuss your mobile data package

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