The impact of your phone system on customer experience

The impact of your phone system on customer experience.

In this age of the digital and e-commerce, an increasing amount of transactions take place online without us ever having to set foot in a physical store.

In fact, according to Remarkety, in the UK $166 billion was spent online in 2016 alone ( Therefore being able to close leads that have been generated through a website or even being able to respond to telephone enquiries that originated through the website has become of crucial importance in the modern business world.

Insufficiently trained staff reflect poorly upon your company to the customers who really matter and it is vital that employees are highly competent over the phone. The phone conversation has become the face of your business and customer service is as important here as it is face to face. But the phone’s role also means that there can be no downtime; the customer needs to get a response to their query as fast as possible, as an efficient phone system can potentially lead to an increase in sales.

Companies want to avoid hang-ups, reduce wait-times and ensure that the sound quality of the entire system is outstanding so that conversations can flow seamlessly. Investing in the latest technology is likely to make a huge impact on the customer’s experience, making them more likely to trust your company.

Phones have such an important role in relation to customers that both Bing and Google offer advertising solutions that allow the user to make a phone call directly by taping on the phone which appears on the Pay per Click advert. This integrated approach allows users to easily get in touch over the phone via digital means such as a web RTC enabled phone system.

What’s more, the use of mobile internet has become increasingly widespread and is set to grow even more in years to come. According to the Office of National Statistics, while 90% of UK households have internet access, 73% of adults access internet on the go using a smartphone. This indicates that not only is the traditional use of a phone important to your business, but you should ensure your website is optimized to be mobile friendly.

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