The benefits of using VoIP for your business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a method of making phone calls over the internet. Unlike traditional technologies, VoIP does not depend on copper lines to transmit signals; this brings along a lot of advantages including cost-effectiveness and scalability.

BT ISDN switch off is announced to take effect by 2025. BT is heavily investing in VoIP to replace its ISDN network, so it does not make any sense to continue using older technologies while VoIP is the future.

Businesses have also realized that switching to Voice over IP brings several key benefits, with over 40% of the UK market depending on VoIP for running their businesses.

VoIP provides many benefits to a Business over ISDN and PSTN traditional phone technologies:


The Ongoing costs of using a VoIP system are less than a more traditional system. You only need to pay for your internet connection and a monthly subscription to your VoIP service provider.

PC to PC calls are free, PC to landline calls have a cost attached, but the charges are significantly lower than a traditional phone line.


A VoIP phone works differently from traditional phone technologies. The distance between the calling parties makes no difference, whether you are making a call to the furthest side of the country or calling on the other side of the world. As long as there is an internet connection on both sides, communication will be effective.

VoIP can easily scale up or down

It is not easy to predict the number of phone calls you may need as your business is growing, and if you rely on a traditional system you have to make proper estimations to avoid the costs of phone lines. With Voice over IP, you can easily add a line as soon as you get an employee and remove or reassign the line when they leave.

VoIP can integrate with other business systems

Because the technology is internet-based, VoIP systems can easily be integrated with the business systems you use daily. You can place outbound calls through the email client’s Outlook, or use customer’s inbound calls to get customer records.

With the emerging superfast 5G mobile networks, VoIP technology will be more reliable due to faster and stable connections.

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