The balance between business and security with the Internet of Things

The balance between business and security with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices, vehicles and appliances with embedded software and network connectivity to be able to connect with one another and exchange data. This is a huge opportunity for businesses, but there are inherent security risks. More and more companies are shifting the focus onto IoT, and cybersecurity companies are facing the challenges of protecting these devices against hackers.

The complexities to consider

IoT can’t function smoothly without connectivity, security, longevity, compatibility and data analysis. With security concerns coming to the fore with IoT, companies and consumers are feeling the risk. Today’s hackers are so skilled, they can hack baby monitors, refrigerators, thermostats, cameras and many other devices to obtain sensitive information. As IoT becomes more ingrained in business life, there is a growing list of scenarios for cybersecurity teams to tackle.

These firms play a key role in protecting IoT devices against hackers. Tech companies that are adopting IoT are facing the challenge of striking the right balance between security and business needs. The key is to assess the wider environment and enable secure communication between devices that are restricted in functionality to do only that which they are intended to do. Security, meanwhile, needs to minimise the burden on users whilst maintaining the necessary level of security. It requires a cybersecurity firm with a certain level of expertise, so the choice should be made carefully.

Working together

As cybersecurity threats increase in sophistication, IoT organisations must work with cybersecurity companies to be constantly ready to tackle the threat. Hackers need to be responded to in ways they can’t predict. This means implementing cyber threat intelligence strategies that support strategic and technical approaches at the same time.

Ultimately, IoT security requires an approach that starts with the IoT manufacturers and ends with cybersecurity firms for a holistic approach to security. The key is to find a cybersecurity firm that strikes up the right balance between IoT security needs and IoT business needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, since different businesses have different requirements, so it will be an ongoing process that requires constant attention to succeed. Talk to us today on 01625 466600 to see how FwaaS can help you achieve and maintain this balance.

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