Telecoms and GDPR – What will change?

Telecoms and GDPR – What will change?

Businesses across the country which handle data are in the process of readying themselves for the impact of the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation.

Companies in the telecoms industry, or organisations which routinely use telecoms communication in their day-to-day business, will need to take into account some key considerations when it comes to the knock-on effects of GDPR. So let’s take a look at some of the most pertinent issues which will arise.

Get ready to anonymise

If you hold a large set of data, you should face up to the possibility that you might have to anonymise or delete a large share of it. That’s because GDPR will require that only companies which hold the explicit consent of the individual are able to share or even store this information. So anonymising would involve removing the connection between data which you hold and the individual which it concerns, in cases where the individual has not expressed this explicit consent by way of an ‘opt-in’ or signature.

Even where information is held for legal purposes, under GDPR there must be a strict dividing of this data from other systems which have the potential to mistakenly use it for other means such as marketing. Organisations which plan on monitoring and processing personal data on a large scale, such as corporations which are involved in ‘big data’ practices, will now need to employ GDPR officers to carry out this mandate.

Data portability

Businesses will also have to think about data portability, which will involve consumers being provided with a copy of their personal data on request in an electronic format. This should bring into line some organisations for which data organisation had previously meant a series of Excel sheets! Now a standard electronic format must be used, which actually promises to make things easier for all concerned.

The bottom line

Coming into line will undoubtedly take investment from those involved with GDPR and telecoms, but it will be vital to be GDPR compliant, and there are bound to be some opportunities to improve the operational efficiency of your telecoms set up in the process, call us now 01625 466600 to review your strategy.

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