ISDN: Why is it being switched off, and could it impact your business?

ISDN is a communication method, primarily using pre-existing telephone lines, that allows telephone lines to transmit more than just voices from person to person. More specifically, ISDN allows packets of data to be transferred between parties on the network. This network was the original high-speed internet service and has lasted for over 30 years. Recently, [...]

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ISDN switch off: how to future proof your business

The BT announcement that ISDN would be switched off by 2025 did not come as a complete shock for those who have been paying attention to the trends in tech and technological improvement. For many businesses, the focus now remains on how to improve the business going forward to make it ready for the new [...]

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The benefits of using VoIP for your business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a method of making phone calls over the internet. Unlike traditional technologies, VoIP does not depend on copper lines to transmit signals; this brings along a lot of advantages including cost-effectiveness and scalability. BT ISDN switch off is announced to take effect by 2025. BT is heavily investing in [...]

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The BT ISDN switch-off: What is all the fuss about?

The BT ISDN switch-off: What is all the fuss about? One story that many UK business owners will have seen recently is BT switching off their ISDN networks by 2025. If you have not heard about this to date, then it is worth investigating further. This move by BT will affect thousands of UK businesses [...]

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6.4 Million businesses STILL rely on ISDN

Does your business still rely on ISDN? Once-upon-a-time, ISDN was the bees' knees as far as business communications were concerned. ISDN, which stands for Integrated Service Digital Network, was a new technology brought into service by BT back in 1986. It is a circuit-switched system that enables the transmission and receipt of both voice and [...]

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The ISDN decline and worthy replacement options

The ISDN decline and worthy replacement options. The decline of ISDN BT has given Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) users up to 2025 when the services will be terminated after decades of application across many businesses in the UK. ISDN was introduced as a channel for the digital transmission of services such as voice and [...]

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