What is Web RTC, and why is it the best fit for your business?

If you’ve considered upgrading your office with a better network or phone line, then you’ve likely come across Web RTC. But with so much jargon and confusing language surrounding office technology in general, it can be difficult to know which way is up. We take a closer look at exactly what Web RTC telecoms are [...]

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5 Top reasons why you should consider using Web RTC telecoms

Web RTC refers to an open-source programming interface that was first introduced in 2011 by Google. It brings several benefits to the developer, integrator and user, which have not been available in past collaboration and communication platforms. Web RTC features benefits that propel it past current video and VoIP systems. Below we explore some of [...]

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What is hosted Avaya IP Office?

The world of telecommunications is always progressing with new products or technology pushing it forward. This can be seen in recent time with the development of the hosted Avaya IP Office solution. You may have already heard of the original Avaya IP Office system which offers premium features and VoIP technology to help businesses communicate [...]

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How 5G mobile networks are tied to other emerging trends

How 5G mobile networks are tied to other emerging trends 5G mobile networks have been revolutionary since their advent in the communication landscape. The technology has an important role to play as far as achieving a networked society in various spheres is concerned. 5G networks can be applied in improving other emerging technologies or trends [...]

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3 ways in which Web RTC could help productivity

3 ways in which Web RTC could help productivity There is no doubt that many businesses now are starting to see the benefits of a unified communications set-up. Bringing everything together into one connected whole allows them to work in a more efficient, streamlined way. Although unified communications can encompass a variety of applications, Web [...]

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6.4 Million businesses STILL rely on ISDN

Does your business still rely on ISDN? Once-upon-a-time, ISDN was the bees' knees as far as business communications were concerned. ISDN, which stands for Integrated Service Digital Network, was a new technology brought into service by BT back in 1986. It is a circuit-switched system that enables the transmission and receipt of both voice and [...]

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IoT opportunities for your transport and logistics business

IoT opportunities for your transport and logistics business Technological advancements have provided different sectors with exciting and fantastic innovations. One of the common buzzwords you may have probably heard of is the Internet of Things (IoT). With many IoT trends coming up, it is increasingly becoming commonplace to find its application in gaming, education, healthcare, [...]

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The ISDN decline and worthy replacement options

The ISDN decline and worthy replacement options. The decline of ISDN BT has given Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) users up to 2025 when the services will be terminated after decades of application across many businesses in the UK. ISDN was introduced as a channel for the digital transmission of services such as voice and [...]

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Improving the connected world with better batteries

Improving the connected world with better batteries With the continuing rise of the connected world, there has been a relentless pursuit of less flammable, longer-lasting rechargeable batteries. Now, the EU SUPER-Lion project, with the backing of the Marie Curie innovation program, looks to have made a breakthrough. A new super-thin electrolyte with a solid state [...]

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4 ways 5G can benefit your business

4 ways 5G can benefit your business 5G technology is fast revolutionising the corporate and industrial landscape as we know it. From smart buildings to retail, education to entertainment and transport to healthcare, 5G deployment is accelerating the world's journey towards a complete digital transformation. And with the internet of things shaping consumer needs every [...]

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