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Rainow Primary School

Rainow Primary School

Local primary school chooses Reliance Networks to deliver an Extricom wireless blanket solution to overcome challenging environmental issues and deliver seamless connectivity to the classroom.


The Problems

With the simultaneous technical demands of the children and the staff team’s requirements the original mixed brand wireless solution was failing. The in house 3rd generation cell-based technology was unable to cope with concurrent connections required to get a classroom of 20+ users seamlessly connected to the network without considerable delay and performance reduction. Driven by the need to offer instant connectivity and ‘everywhere learning’ across the school building Jonathan Norris, took on the challenge to find a suitable replacement. The main issue seemed to be that only a handful of the students could actually use the network at any given time and as more children accessed the network others would lose their connection.

How we helped

A local contact of Jonathans advised he speak to one of the team at Reliance and take their advice before making a decision. What did he have to lose?

One of Reliance’s technical consultants surveyed the school’s building infrastructure and layout and discussed in depth the nature of the issues currently experienced by the users. All indicators pointed to the shortcomings of a multi instance cell based wireless deployment that was just not up to the task.

A sale or return agreement was reached whereby if Reliance could not overcome the current technical issues and deliver a working wireless network to the clients’ specification with the Extricom wireless blanket solution the equipment would be removed without charge leaving the school to source an alternative product with their budget intact.


The Solution

An Extricom MS1000 WLAN Switch with 8 x RP-22n AP’s was installed and configured with two separate radio networks operating at 802.11A/B/G and 802.11N to enable both legacy and new devices to connect seamlessly. The installation took less than 4 hours after school hours.


The outcome

”Our new wireless network performs exactly as the guys at Reliance said it would. Our laptops and tablets can all log on to our network simultaneously so no more teaching in small groups of connected children whilst others were waiting for a connection. Also the dreaded “grey screen” we used to suffer with is now a thing of the past as we now have zero drop outs. Still happy with your solution and just invested in some new tablet technology, safe in the knowledge that our new infrastructure is robust and reliable!”

Jonathan Norris

Deputy Head Teacher
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