New Ofcom rules capping mobile bills to reduce bill shock

New Ofcom rules capping mobile bills to reduce bill shock
Phone users can now plan their finances better than ever before thanks to new Ofcom rules capping mobile bills to reduce bill shock. In the past, many people have been hit with unexpected charges after they had unknowingly exceeded their contract allowance, whether by making a long distance call or using up their data on a background video.

This has all changed for those renewing their contracts or switching providers from 1st October 2018 onwards. Customers can now opt for a limit on their bill, which stops them from overspending and getting a nasty shock at the end of the month. This limit can be customised depending on preferences, giving people who want it the option to set a hard cut-off point, offering no flexibility beyond their agreed upon plan. However, others may choose to give themselves a few pounds of leeway in case of emergencies.

Although standard phone use, which includes texts, calls, and internet usage, are included in bill limits, third-party services and premium numbers aren’t, so users are still urged to exercise caution. It’s important to be more aware of scams and unusual numbers, as your bill limit can’t protect you from them, but will cover your provider’s charge for making the call. Bill limits will continue to apply when abroad, however, which is a time when roaming costs mount up for many.

With an agreed upon limit, mobile users will receive updates from their provider to let them know if they’re close to reaching their allowance. This might take the form of a call, text, or e-mail and will allow people to gauge where they are with their usage. When a user reaches their limit, they won’t be able to text, call, or use their data, so it’s important to take note of these alerts. Calls to emergency services will still go through, however, as these are universally free of charge.

Mobile users who are not due to renew their contract anytime soon can still request a bill limit from their provider, but they are under no obligation to comply. But in time, all users will be able to benefit from Ofcom’s new budgeting initiative. Call us today to discuss your mobile estate 01625 466600

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