In five years ISDN will be switched off. Is your business ready?

Five years is a long time in business. Just five years after turning down a partnership with Netflix, Blockbuster went from global domination to closure. It’s difficult to predict what will happen with the pace of technological change we’re witnessing. One thing we do know though: in five years’ time the ISDN switch off will occur.

Although the transition from ISDN is well underway, many millions of ISDN lines support businesses across the nation with data, voice and connectivity.

Back in the 1990s, ISDN – or Integrated Services Digital Network – provided businesses with an opportunity to increase speed, improve signal quality and reduce noise and interference on lines whilst still utilising copper lines. It was a quietly revolutionary technology and still has benefits to some businesses today.

However, its time has come. The roll-out of super-fast fibre has happened at pace across the UK, new Ethernet devices are available and IP communication technology has advanced to a viable, reliable and cost-effective solutions for business.

If you’re still using ISDN you may think that five years is a lot of time to prepare but changes are happening now so prepare you must. Remember Blockbuster.

BT will stop allowing businesses to make changes or add new lines; they’ll stop accepting new orders for ISDN products. If your business relies on ISDN, it’s time to consider your options and take informed action now before you’re rushed into a decision that may not be the most appropriate for you, your business or your budget.

If you currently rely on ISDN technology then this should be seen as a real opportunity. It’s very likely that the replacement technology you choose will deliver higher quality calls in a secure and safe way.

Switching to web-based solutions, for example, offers a low-cost set-up and reduces spend in the long run as you no longer have to deal with line rentals. It enables more flexibility, allowing your staff to access services, features and functionality wherever they are. It’s also easy and quick to scale – up and down.

So, goodbye ISDN. You’ve been great but you won’t be missed.

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