Improving the connected world with better batteries

Improving the connected world with better batteries
With the continuing rise of the connected world, there has been a relentless pursuit of less flammable, longer-lasting rechargeable batteries. Now, the EU SUPER-Lion project, with the backing of the Marie Curie innovation program, looks to have made a breakthrough. A new super-thin electrolyte with a solid state could boost the power and efficiency of rechargeable batteries.

Electrolytes are a chemical medium that separates the cathodes and anode in batteries, facilitating the flow of electrical charges between the two. The Lithium Ion Batteries we currently use run on liquid electrolytes. SUPER-Lion’s new way of manufacturing solid-state electrolytes could enable them to be incorporated into slim batteries for future devices in the Internet of Things (IoT).

The electrolyte is a super-thin 40 nanometres, perfect for microdevices. What’s more, it could operate successfully at 120 degrees Centigrade, which current liquid electrolytes simply can’t do. The liquid ones are flammable and have a limited life cycle as the electrodes and electrolyte react with each other. These Lithium Ion Batteries are used in most modern devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Ready for the next generation

The new fabrication method is a definite improvement on what we currently use, and is ready to be scaled up for mass production. In an age when we are becoming increasingly reliant on innovative technologies to keep the connected world growing, we are also becoming more aware of the importance of energy efficiency and protecting the environment. These improved batteries could help on both fronts, as they reduce the need to frequently recharge our devices and save on waste materials as old, defunct batteries are thrown out.

As businesses feel the pressure to focus on greener operations whilst simultaneously working to grow and embrace the connected world and IoT, these kind of innovations will be welcome news. It is everyone’s responsibility to work on protecting our environment, but this doesn’t have to come at the expense of businesses growing and embracing the digital world. The connected world is revolutionising the way we do business on so many fronts, and with technologies that help this growing trend protect the environment, we can look forward to a brighter future on all fronts. As a telecoms provider specialising in Avaya PBX, Wildix Web RTC and Gamma Horizon, we welcome any new technologies that improve the performance and green credentials of our systems, and improved batteries have been a long time coming. Speak to us today on 01625 466600 on how to improve your customer journey.

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