How to make your call centre very profitable

How to make your call centre very profitable
Call centres are part of most big businesses. Yet many business leaders are sometimes rueful of the costs involved in running a contact centre and often think they are a profit drain. That is one of the reasons why so many businesses have outsourced call centres to other countries in the past. However, a UK operation can be highly profitable and help push sales for your business.

Here are some tips to turn your call centre into a profit generating operation in your business.

1. Realise the importance of your call centre staff

The power of your call centre is reliant on the quality of your staff. Staff require time to be trained and familiarise themselves with the brand before they can become quality employees. Yet call centre operators struggle to find and keep these staff. According to statistics, turnover in call centres can be as high as 45%. The costs for replacing employees could be killing profit at call centres.

Yet a simple focus on the conditions for your staff can turn this around. Recognising your employees and the value they offer your business can help to keep them for longer and reduce recruitment costs. Adjust the environment to make your staff happy and improve the technology and training available to make their jobs easier.

2. Don’t forget social media (and live chat)

Social media is continuously being used by businesses as a way to offer customer service. Customers love it, but they expect a quick answer. Therefore, you should look at employing staff with social media skills who can offer customer service through those platforms.

The added advantage of this is that one customer service agent can actually be involved in several ongoing conversations at the same time. This makes that one customer service agent more valuable to the business. You can also receive great press with good customer service via social media.

You can also use live chat in a similar way, with one agent dealing with several chats at once.

3. Train to offer excellent customer service

The key to a profitable contact centre is to make that part of the operation exceed customer expectations. They might call about a complaint, but how your staff deal with that can make the difference between a returning customer or lost revenue in the future.

Teach your staff to be empathetic to your customers, take ownership of issues and get them to solve problems within one call. The quicker the issue is resolved, the more impressed customers will be, which increases the chance they’ll re-order from you in the future.

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