How can harnessing the power of unified communication make your business grow in 2020?

As 2020 begins to gather pace, all businesses will be looking ahead to see how they can make the most of it. Sustainable growth is key to attract new customers and bring new innovations to how your business works. One way to help your business progress in the coming year is to harness the power of a unified communications system. To do so, many businesses will opt to use a package like hosted Avaya IP Office, which operates via remote servers in the Cloud. But what are these systems and what specific benefits can they deliver to your company?

Unified communications is key in 2020

There is no doubt that cutting-edge developments in telecommunications tech have changed the business landscape. Unified communications are a superb example of this in action. In simple terms, this sees all points of contact for customers brought together into one easy-to-use system. If you use a Cloud-based package like hosted Avaya IP Office, this would be done via online servers over the internet.

But why should you make unified communications a key part of your set-up in 2020?

Increase in productivity

When you install a package which unifies your business communications, you will start to notice how much more productive it enables staff to be. A system that brings various communication channels together makes it much easier and quicker for employees to do their job. Being able to have incoming calls routed to office phones, mobiles or desktop PCs also means staff can always pick up enquiries and get more done.

Reduction in costs

Unified communication packages such as hosted Avaya IP Office use your businesses internet connection to work. This digital method allows for much cheaper calls to be made, thus bringing down your overall monthly bill. Of course, installing a system which handles all your telecoms needs saves money on having to pay for multiple systems instead.

Superior customer service levels

When someone calls your organisation, they will want to get through to the right person and have their query answered asap. A unified communications set-up enables this to happen and allows you to offer a better service to your customers. You can, for example, create ring groups which will call another number if the initial call cannot be taken. This means customers can always get through when they ring and no calls go unanswered.

Make 2020 the year your business communicates better

If you like the sound of what a unified communications system has to offer, call today on 01625 466600 for more details. We are specialists in hosted Avaya IP Office and can help your company get the most from this awesome system.

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