FWaaS (Firewall as a service) and why you need it.

FWaaS (Firewall as a service) and why you need it.

Gartner defines a firewall as a cloud-based service that permits customers to fully or partially move security inspection to a specific cloud infrastructure. FWaaS, on the other hand, is a new type of futuristic firewall. Not only does it conceal physical firewall applications, but it also eliminates possible malicious access. This type of technology ensures an organisation is connected to a single global firewall that implements integrated application-aware security measures.

FWaaS (firewall as a service) utilises advances in cloud technology and software development to deliver tailored security capabilities that conform to the organisation’s goals. The services may entail network forensics, infection prevention and URL filtering.

Why do you need FWaaS?

Improves scalability

Unlike other traditional firewalls, FWaaS provides the needed resources to carry out complete security processing. This is a feature many appliances lack. Capacity planning is therefore eliminated as an essential part of upgrading security appliances. This elastic capacity also allows for modifications to bandwidth requirements and rapid organisation of additional sites.

Provision of visibility

Conventional methods of creating the visibility required for the WAN entails using a separate firewall appliance. However, with FWaaS and SD-WAN, you are allowed full control and visibility.

Creates a unified policy

Achieving a uniform policy across devices is hard, despite having centralised management consoles. It is even impossible if you’re using a mix of vendor products and models. For example, when MPLS doesn’t connect branch locations, administrators are forced to manage separate security policies.

FWaaS uniformly applies security policies for all users and locations, and on all traffic, thus eliminating the issues surrounding separate network policies. All internet traffic and WAN (encrypted and unencrypted) are visible to the firewall, meaning blind spots are eliminated and there is no need to run and monitor multiple appliances.

Ease of maintenance

FWaaS eliminates the need to upgrade, refresh or patch firewalls. Thus, all your IT staff have to focus on is delivering value through risk mitigation.

You will require the best FWaaS solution to help in addressing concerns that limit connectivity to cloud services. Contact us to get FWaaS as part of a fully augmented global SD-WAN service.

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