Effective tips on beating telecoms fraud

Effective tips on beating telecoms fraud
One modern danger that many businesses now face is telecoms fraud. As a business owner, it will be the cost to your company’s profits that will worry you the most. Figures from the latest ITW Global Leaders Forum peg the estimated global cost of this activity at $17 billion. When carrying out this act, the fraudsters will access your telecoms network and use your phone system to make expensive calls and carry out scams. This sees your utility bill rocket up and costs you a lot of money to sort out.

So, how can you prevent this from happening to your business?

Educate staff

The key to stopping this sort of fraud is making it as hard as possible to access your phone system. Very often, it is your own staff who are the weakest link here. Make sure they never allow external hardware like unsolicited flash drives to access your network. These can be loaded with viruses to infect your telecoms system.

Change default passwords

When you have a new telecoms system installed, the server or exchanges will come with standard passwords. Make sure to change these to something difficult to guess and then change them again at regular intervals. This will stop the fraudsters from using standard passwords they know about to get in undetected and keep your system security strong.

Think about your DISA settings

DISA stands for Direct Inward Systems Access. In a nutshell, it allows employees to make outbound work calls from home via your telecoms network. While this is fine, it can be an area hackers target to gain the access required to commit fraud. If you really do not need it, switch it off.

Check your bills

One other useful way to get ahead of the telecoms fraudsters is by regularly checking your bills. It is also a good idea to have bills fully itemized and sent on a monthly basis. This will allow you to spot any suspicious activity fast and deal with it before it becomes costly.

While all of the above are great tips for stopping telecoms fraud, don’t let the issue put you off making use of an integrated telecoms solution, talk to us today to find out how we can indemnify you against telecoms fraud, 01625 466600.

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