Does ADI licensing being withdrawn mean you must update your IP Office system?

One of the most popular telecommunications platforms is still the Avaya IP Office. Whether you go for the hosted version or an on-site set-up, it delivers outstanding features to help any business work more efficiently. One piece of news that may have caught your eye this year though were headlines saying ‘Avaya withdraw ADI licencing’ for their IP Office systems. But what does this cover and does it mean you must upgrade the software your VoIP system uses?

Avaya and the withdrawal of ADI licencing

Way back in February 2019, Avaya announced that they would no longer supply ADI licences for IP Office systems which used version 10 or under software. The deadline of 10th June 2019 for this to happen is now ancient history. But does this mean you must upgrade your telecoms system if affected going forward? The short answer is no- upgrading your IP Office software to version 10.1 or over is not essential. If you do carry on with version 10 or under though, no ADI licencing means no ability to add new functionality to your system. For this reason, many businesses are choosing to make the decision to upgrade their IP Office software.

What are the advantages of upgrading?

The major one is pretty much as outlined above – you will then be able to update your VoIP telecoms system with new functionality. This then allows it to grow with your business and keep pace with how you need it to operate. Using a newer version of the software which has ADI licencing support also means you can use the latest handsets when released. These will usually have extra features in to help staff work more efficiently and produce more. You will also be able to get support from manufacturers around any hardware purchased. Common changes to configurations are also much easier due to the enhanced interface in later versions of the software.

Call today for help with upgrading

If your IP Office system is currently running on software which is version 10 or under, you may decide you want to upgrade. We can help with this and are experts in the Avaya IP Office system. Our expert team can carry out the necessary work and provide ongoing maintenance to help you get the most from it call us today on 01625 466600 to upgrade.

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