Could the Connected World and advanced AI be the content creators of tomorrow?

Could the Connected World and advanced AI be the content creators of tomorrow?

There are a number of common tropes and key phrases that are bandied about when people – predominantly pessimists – discuss the future of AI. And one of the most common is that advanced artificial intelligence will soon make many people’s jobs redundant.

There is, of course, a lot of truth to this point. AI is, very often, designed specifically so as to take over roles traditionally carried out by people. It is developed to stop people from having to undertake tasks that are repetitive and dangerous, thereby freeing the up to do things that can actively enhance the business they are part of through innovation and creativity.

For decades it has been assumed that AI will never be able to usurp humans when it comes to thinking of new approaches, innovative ideas and abstract concepts. After all, AI is human-made; it cannot think for itself – its parameters have been defined by its human creators.

But, with AI becoming more and more advanced, and given the even-extending reach of the Connected World, could we soon be in a position where machine minds are capable of being just as creative and ingenious as our own?

The current issues with content.

Did you know that around 70% of all content created by companies is never used? This is quite a concern, especially given that 93% of marketers believe the amount of content they produce will increase by 2020. Is there not a risk, therefore, that such content creation will ultimately be wasted? Are marketers guilty of producing content in the hope that it will drive results, rather than in the knowledge that it will do so?

A streamlined solution.

With assistance from AI and the Connected World, marketers can better define what content is likely to drive results and increase sales, and can then focus on specific keywords or topics that will make a difference. They can ensure that all blog posts or articles have a focus, and are targeted to the right people. This will not only save time but will drive far stronger results.

At the current time, AI does not truly have the capacity to create its own content. It cannot think for itself, and so can only base its knowledge on what it is programmed to know. The same is true of the Connected World; while this allows huge amounts of data and information to be collected and then refined, it cannot actually produce anything completely bespoke and groundbreaking.

However, AI and the Connected World can certainly play a huge role in assisting marketers and content creators. By highlighting content that gets clicks and answers key questions consumers have, businesses can be sure that they are only creating content that will make a tangible difference.

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