Common mistakes when undertaking your digital transformation

Common mistakes when undertaking your digital transformation

Digital transformation is incredibly important to modern businesses, and the risks of ignoring it are significant. Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology across all areas of your business, seeking to fundamentally change how the organisation operates, streamlining processes and allowing for far greater efficiency and productivity. Since digital software and programs are continually developing and updating, digital transformation also requires a shift in the business mindset to get companies more used to experimenting with new processes rather than sticking with the status quo.

However, undertaking a successful digital transformation can be difficult, especially for SMEs with more limitations on resources. As such, our experts have created a short guide on the most common mistakes that you need to avoid.

1. Starting without a defined end goal

Although many companies may know that they want to undergo a digital transformation, a common mistake is to start the process without having clearly defined end goals. Although they may be seeking to achieve a general result, such as increased efficiency, digital transformation will be achieved far more easily through specifics, such as increasing efficiency within the manufacturing process by streamlining assembly. From this, you are far better placed to find the right tools for the job and are more likely to be successful.

2. Not ensuring that every operator is fully trained

Another common mistake companies make when trying to implement new software within their digital transformation strategy is not training everyone. As such, the full capabilities of the software are lost, and with that so too are the improvements in productivity, efficiency and reduced costs that it could bring. As such, it is vital to train everyone who will be using new software, as well as ensuring their operating knowledge doesn’t deteriorate over time.

3. Believing that new software alone will cause positive results

While it is proven that digital technologies have the potential to help many businesses in many different ways, it is a mistake to assume that software alone will result in the positive changes desired. Digital transformation requires a holistic approach between systems, software and staff – employees must also work in new and different ways to enhance your digital transformation, and help your business to achieve productivity and efficiency.

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