Are smartphones essential for the modern work force?

Are smartphones essential for the modern work force?
Over the last decade, workplaces have embraced digitisation at a higher rate than ever before, covering a range of areas from finance to document management. However, when it comes to business telecommunications, companies need to consider the changing workforce and the use of smartphones. Traditional communication methods like email, noticeboards and newsletters are becoming outdated, and with fewer and fewer employees being office-based, there needs to be a change.

The vast majority of the population owns a smartphone in 2019, and many of us rely on them heavily to communicate and organise in our personal lives. It has therefore been an inevitability that they would find their way into our work lives, and they should be embraced in the workplace through a mobile platform that can securely host and facilitate various business operations.

Taking HR mobile

Human resources is a department that can benefit hugely from mobile technology, but what does the digital HR department look like? The answer is it can have as many functions as you require, but a common idea is to host your payroll system through an app. This can be a great time- and money-saver, eliminating the need for payslips and empowering workers to instantly view and flag any issues that arise. Slow, laborious tasks can then be completed in a matter of minutes to improve efficiency.

A unifying technology

Mobile technology can also enable management to communicate with the entire workforce about any news, procedural updates or team changes in real-time, no matter where they are or what role they have. Everyone has access to essential information in their pocket, and you can track who has viewed messages in order to evaluate whether a follow-up is needed. Users can also be extensions off a traditional PBX enabling them to take calls from hunt groups where ever they are and also return calls as if from within the office.

The benefits of digitisation with smartphones are numerous. Host shift schedules, process holiday requests, issue company guidelines and training resources, and even translate content for non-native speakers/readers. Making all of this information accessible from a single place that can be easily carried from place to place provides everyone with a seamless way of working. Smartphones are one of the most important technologies of a generation, and they can be a massive help in the workplace. Call us today on 01625 466600 to discuss integrating mobile users into your PBX.

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