6.4 Million businesses STILL rely on ISDN

Does your business still rely on ISDN?

Once-upon-a-time, ISDN was the bees’ knees as far as business communications were concerned. ISDN, which stands for Integrated Service Digital Network, was a new technology brought into service by BT back in 1986. It is a circuit-switched system that enables the transmission and receipt of both voice and data signals at the same time using digital lines.

When it came into service ISDN was cutting edge. Now, however, BT is warning businesses about the ISDN switch off which is due to take place in 2025. If your business still relies on ISDN for its communications you need to be thinking ahead. The only way you will be able to avoid an interruption to your communications will be to implement changing over to a new service before the switch-off happens.

6.4 million businesses still use ISDN

As faster broadband has become available all over the UK, connections such as DSL (Digital Subscriber Lines), cable modems, and WAN (Wide Area Network) were launched, the writing was on the wall for ISDN. Having said that, many -companies still use ISDN (6.4 million according to Ofcom) either as their main system or as a back-up if their main system goes down.

Of course, after the ISDN switch-off, ISDN driven systems won’t be able to provide any sort of service or back-up at all.

One of the key ingredients for any long-lasting successful business is the ability to look ahead and take the necessary actions to circumnavigate any problems they see looming. The ISDN switch-off is one such problem, but with forethought and action, it is readily solvable. The most important thing though is doing your research properly.

The constantly changing world of the Internet

The Internet has completely changed the world we live in, both in terms of the private and the business worlds. We are not talking about the “Internet of Things” (IoT) whereby you will be able to do almost anything, including remotely controlling gadgets in the home over the World Wide Web.

Forward-looking businesses will want to take full advantage of what this IoT brings to the table which is why the way forward for most operations is to choose a web/based solution for their communications. This is why most businesses are now turning to web based communications solutions, call us today on 01625 466600 to discuss your requirement.

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