5 ways to lower the risk of toll fraud

5 ways to lower the risk of toll fraud
Telecommunications has become the backbone of the world economy. It plays a major role in disseminating information across the planet. However, it has also come with its fair share of challenges, one of which is toll fraud.

What is toll fraud and what are the steps that can be taken to reduce it?

Toll fraud is when an unauthorised person uses your account to make long distance fraudulent calls. These crimes are often perpetrated by hackers who take advantage of poorly regulated jurisdictions. In 2015, telecommunications providers and their customers were estimated to have lost nearly $10 billion in toll fraud, making it a grave concern. Hackers accrue huge costs which are then passed on to unsuspecting customers by their telecommunications provider. All is not lost though.

To minimise the risk of toll fraud, follow the steps outlined below:

1. The use of strong passwords

This is the most effective measure against hacking or other cybercrime. Passwords should be complex and regularly altered.

2. Reducing visibility

Hackers find their way in when so many ports are exposed to remote access. By minimising visibility, the possible access areas are likely to be more secure.

3. Choosing the right telecommunications provider

Having a good rapport with your telecommunications provider helps mitigate the risk of toll fraud. All our installations are delivered in a secure locked down state and if hackers do manage to hack in we will indemnify you against the fraud.

4. The use of a managed firewall configured by telecommunications companies

Though it’s a good idea to have an IT manager within your business, it’s better to get advice from telecom providers who face such problems every day, since they have more valuable experience to offer.

5. SIP Trunk configuration

Session initiation protocol is a technology to look out for when replacing your ISDN. Within a well configured IP network, call costs can be minimised and better security delivered.

In conclusion, toll fraud can be very difficult for companies to detect. In addition to taking some basic security steps, the best protection against toll fraud is working hand in hand with your telecommunications provider to ensure you are as protected as possible. Speak to us today on 01625 466600 to discuss how we can help secure your communications platform.

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