5 Top reasons why you should consider using Web RTC telecoms

Web RTC refers to an open-source programming interface that was first introduced in 2011 by Google. It brings several benefits to the developer, integrator and user, which have not been available in past collaboration and communication platforms. Web RTC features benefits that propel it past current video and VoIP systems. Below we explore some of the main reasons why you should consider using Web RTC telecoms.

1. It is completely free for your customers to contact you

The main goal of Google introducing Web RTC was for it to produce a real-time media and standard-based engine, which will be available and free in all the browsers.

2. It is adaptable to network conditions

Web RTC supports several media types and endpoints negotiations, which lead to effective use of bandwidth, producing the best video and voice communications. The signalling, together with the API, is capable of negotiating the format and size of each endpoint.

3. It allows for several media streams

Web RTC compensates and adjusts to the ever-changing network conditions. It helps in improving the quality of communications and responds to the availability of bandwidth, detecting and avoiding any congestions. All these are achieved by using a secure video audio profile feedback and RTP control protocol. The browser that receives the data will send information about a network’s condition back to the browser sending it.

4. Secure voice and video

Web RTC has video and voice encryption. Its RTP protocol can be used for authentication and encryption of both video and sound, which has lots of benefits over the Wi-Fi networks. It will help in preventing video and voice recording and eavesdropping.

5. Establishment of a reliable session

Web RTC plays an integral part in supporting the establishment of a regular course. This is true for the Network Address Translators which might block or hinder other communications and collaboration protocols. Any reliable operation will avoid server-relayed media, reducing latency.

Web RTC provides an excellent platform for businesses interested in realizing their potential. For more information about Web RTC, contact us today on 01625 466600!

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