3 ways that 4IPNet Wi-Fi helps your business thrive

3 ways that 4IPNet Wi-Fi helps your business thrive

The ICON 4IPNet Wi-Fi service allows your business to remain connected to the web at all times. The internet now plays a hugely important role in our daily lives, but it is vital for the efficient running of any business.

If your telephone system has cordless handsets that connect via your data network, it will also depend heavily on a stable Wi-Fi connection. Without it, you won’t be able to stay in touch with colleagues, clients or customers. Worse still, drops in Wi-Fi signal could lead to a loss of clarity in those all-important call recordings.

To guard against such issues, 4IPNet uses enterprise-grade 802.11 ac access points to ensure everyone on the network maintains a strong connection on whatever device they’re using. Here are three key benefits that 4IPNet offers your business:

1. Boosts productivity

As a wireless network with a constant, uninterrupted signal, 4IPNet offers an extremely fast connection with no discernible latency to a large number of users. This allows you and your staff to send and receive information via the web with no speed or connection issues.

So whether you’re in the middle of discussing an important deal with a high-profile client, conversing with colleagues or taking a call from a customer, you can do so quickly and efficiently every time. In short, 4IPNet can save you both time and money.

2. Affordable

4IPNet offers the most affordable 802.11 ac access points on the market and it has never been easier or less expensive to install such a high-quality product. If you’re looking for fast and efficient Wi-Fi for your business, the great value 4IPNet promises to give you a stellar return on investment.

3. Secure

4IPNet Wi-Fi comes complete with a built-in firewall and interference detection to stop hackers from accessing your system. This, in turn, keeps sensitive information away from prying eyes and helps protect both your business interests and those of your customers or clients. These features also allow you to prevent access to parts of the web which are not relevant to the business, which therefore helps prevent staff procrastination and boost productivity.

As communication specialists, we believe that 4IPNet Wi-Fi offers the perfect combination of a powerful and resilient network to help boost productivity at a low price. Call us now on 01625 466600 for a free no obligation quote

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