3 ways in which Web RTC could help productivity

3 ways in which Web RTC could help productivity
There is no doubt that many businesses now are starting to see the benefits of a unified communications set-up. Bringing everything together into one connected whole allows them to work in a more efficient, streamlined way. Although unified communications can encompass a variety of applications, Web RTC telecoms is quickly becoming one of the most useful. This is not only in terms of improving the customer experience but also in boosting staff productivity.

But how can a Web RTC telecoms solution help your staff produce more?

Click to call functionality

Web RTC can be easily integrated into your business’s website and app. Once there, it makes it simple for consumers to call you directly. There is no need for them to search for a phone number or even type it out on their phone keypad. Web RTC allows them to call your sales or customer service staff with one simple click. The net result is that your staff can engage with more customers and get more done.

Provides contextual communication

If you do not have contextual communication happening in your business, then your staff will waste a lot of time in taking the same information from customers when they call. This is especially true if a customer has to be transferred between departments. Web RTC telecoms can help due to the nature of its browser-based set-up. This allows it to share contextual data (like customer details) to the member of staff dealing with a customer. In turn, this saves your staff time on asking for basic details again and will mean they can answer more phone calls in a day.

Better collaboration

One massive benefit that Web RTC delivers to business is the way it makes collaboration simpler. With no additional software needed to use it, your staff can attend key meetings online with no fuss. This will not only help them work more efficiently but also saves you money in buying updated software which other packages could require. With no time wasted on configuring their computer to collaborate online, your staff can simply get on with fulfilling their potential.

Web RTC telecoms is great for business

As you can see, Web RTC technology is superb for helping your business to operate more effectively and also help your staff produce more. As the world of business becomes more digital with every year, this innovative telecoms solution will only grow in popularity. Call us now on 01625 466600 for more details on Web RTC and how we can install it in your organisation.

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