3 things you need to know about toll fraud

What you need to know about toll fraud

What is toll fraud?

Toll fraud comes in may forms, the most common is a scheme where fraudsters make lots of international calls through expensive premium rate routes, fraudsters get a cut of the revenue after calling premium rate numbers. Although lots of frauds exist in the telecom industry, International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) is the most common and has grown six times since 2013.

Characteristics of toll fraud that make it a very lucrative business for fraudsters

There are three ingredients in toll fraud that make it a money making machine for fraudsters: a closed value chain, service exploitation, and the revenue split that a fraudster receives once the call is complete. In toll fraud, the revenue is shared between the fraudster and IPRN (International Premium Rate Number) providers, who purchase and resell number ranges that are sourced from either country or carrier aggregators.

But how does a fraudster get an IPRN provider? It’s simple. They can search online for “premium rate numbers.” Once the search is complete, a list of several companies around the world who guarantee payouts every week will pop up. There are more than 100 IPRN providers who sell IPRN numbers worldwide.

When do fraudsters commit toll fraud?

Fraudsters only attack when they know they have a high probability of success. So, close to 90% of all toll fraud takes place over the weekends because it is a time when most people are not watching. Fraudsters take advantage of this by generating lots of concurrent calls.

This technique is used to avoid detection systems that rely on call records, which are generated once a call is complete. Therefore, the detection of an attack is delayed, and you will be a victim of fraud once the call ends.

Ways to prevent toll fraud

There are no guarantees that toll fraud can be avoided, but there are ways in which you can protect yourself from being a victim of toll fraud.

Restrict your international calls as much as you can, especially to countries that have a high calling rate such as The Maldives, Tunisia, Ghana, Latvia, and Cuba. Limit your calls, if you have to make them, to major countries only.

The rate limits can be reduced to a certain number of calls per 60 minutes or 24 hours. This is useful for preventing fraudsters from creating a high volume of traffic.

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