3 steps to preventing toll fraud

3 steps to preventing toll fraud

Toll fraud is still a major issue for UK businesses. For all businesses who use a VoIP system for their telecommunications set-up, it is something to be aware of. In simple terms, it sees hackers breaking into your VoIP system to make fraudulent calls with it. Naturally, this can add up over even a short time if the calls are long distance and go unnoticed. While the latest VoIP systems have built-in technology to detect toll fraud, it is still worth knowing what your business can do to help stop it.

Create strong passwords

The main area that hackers will look to target is your private branch exchange. As this deals with the incoming and outgoing calls that your company makes, it is the first place that could be targeted. This makes securing your PBX vital. One way to do this is by always changing the default password it comes with. When you do, it is also crucial to use a strong password that cannot be easily guessed or worked out.

Review your logs

All VoIP systems will have the ability to track the calls made and let you review them. Make sure you do this regularly as it is a great way to spot any issues early. Doing this could save you a lot of money! If you are a business that does not trade internationally for example then any overseas calls should be investigated. Even if you do trade abroad, be on the lookout for lots of international calls that are to places which seem odd.

Add extra security

Many modern VoIP systems now will allow you to restrict international calling from within your business. If your staff should have no need to call abroad then you may choose to restrict it altogether. This will then mean any hacker who does breach your system cannot do any damage. For those organisations who do need to call abroad, you could choose to make it necessary to input a code to authorise the call before it can be made.

Although toll fraud does happen, there is no need to panic. Here at Reliance Networks we can indemnify you against toll fraud and the VoIP systems we install are constantly being updated to provide even better security and detection of such issues. call us today on 01625 466600 to see how we can protect you.

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