3 sectors which could benefit from using hosted Avaya IP Office

Many business owners will have heard of VoIP by now and be aware of what it is. You may also have heard of using hosted Avaya IP Office which is a VoIP system based in the Cloud, rather than on-site. Although VoIP is not a new way of handling your telecommunications now, you may still be a little unsure as to how it works or whether it would be suitable for your own company to use.

To give you a better idea of just what a wide range of industries VoIP systems can be used in, we take a look at 3 sectors which could really get lots from it.


A VoIP phone service like hosted Avaya IP Office can help here. The real benefit for manufacturing is how scalable and flexible a VoIP system like hosted IP Office is. A telecoms system like this allows different departments to be connected together including those spread across physically separate sites for better communication. As hosted Avaya IP Office is totally scalable it also allows manufacturing businesses to cut back or boost what they pay for, depending on how sales are!

Customer service

Most companies now will have a call centre or customer service department. The reason systems like hosted IP Office are so suitable for this sector lies in the easy way it allows customers to engage with companies. Phone calls, for example, are automatically routed to whoever is free while video call tech can also be used to connect directly with customers. Using this kind of system in a customer service setting also helps to cut costs as VoIP systems are normally cheaper to run.


Schools and universities are the ideal places to use a VoIP system like hosted Avaya IP Office. Very often, staff in these institutions can work in a variety of different offices or classrooms. By logging into the phone in any room with their normal extension number, they can be easily contacted. VoIP systems all have voicemail features built-in which are ideal for all staff to pick up important missed messages when they are away from their desk.

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The above sectors are just a small sample of those which could benefit from using hosted Avaya IP Office. In truth, this VoIP system will be fabulous for any business which wants more features and scalability in their telecoms set-up while driving costs down. If you would like to know more, call today on 01625 466600 for further information.

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