3 of the most useful applications of Web RTC technology for your business

All business owners know that technology moves at a fast pace and that keeping up is key to remaining competitive. While VoIP telecoms systems are a well-known way of doing this now, you should also think about using a Web RTC telecoms solution like Wildix in your organisation too. Web RTC stands for Web Real Time Communications and is handy for helping to enable real-time conversations between internal staff or with customers.

But what are the most interesting applications for it in any organisation?

1. – Sharing files

Many people assume that Web RTC is like a more powerful version of Skype but it offers so much more than that! One very handy feature for business is the way it allows files to be shared simply and quickly. This is naturally most useful when staff are working on collaborative projects together. Web RTC allows file sharing to happen through web browsers and this is much quicker than doing it via a third-party Cloud-based platform.

2. – Multiple conferencing facility

Naturally, many businesses do use this technology for holding meetings over the internet. But what if more than two people are involved? It is actually pretty easy to set-up a multi-user conference in video format with Web RTC telecoms. By simply creating a mesh solution, each user can create a direct connection with the other. This makes holding meetings via Web RTC with multiple people easy.

3. – Enhancing sales

In the modern age, consumers rarely make impulse buys. Web RTC telecoms are ideal in helping to convince your customers to buy from you when used right, though. If you use this tech on your site, it can help drive sales by making your customer support or sales team easy to contact. Being able to do this will help consumers get the information they need fast, in order to spend money with you.

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