3 Mistakes to avoid when developing web RTC apps

3 Mistakes to avoid when developing web RTC apps

Web RTC (Real Time Communications) is currently taking digital transformation projects by storm. For anyone planning a digital transformation, understanding the implications of Web RTC will be extremely beneficial. By allowing web browsers and apps to communicate in real time, the benefits for a business are endless. But the path to success can be fraught with pitfalls. Here are some mistakes to avoid.

1. Thinking you understand web RTC because you know web development and VoIP

Web RTC is still very much in its infancy, and as such, this makes it the ideal time to get in quickly with the developing software, applications and infrastructure before it becomes commonplace. Utilising web RTC effectively will place your business ahead of your competitors. However, web RTC is complicated and intricate, meaning that you really need to investigate it and learn how it works before being able to use it effectively to assist in your business needs.

2. Focusing on Peer JS

Given the popularity of Peer JS, it seems obvious that it should be your main focus when developing web RTC apps; however, you couldn’t be more wrong. Any project that had its last proper update over three years ago is now almost redundant. Technology and software develop quickly, and three years is almost a lifetime ago in developmental terms. As such, when developing web RTC apps, ensure you are using open source projects that have been updated in the past few months and have an active support network just in case you run into trouble and need a hand.

3. Ignoring media servers

In the light of digital transformation, web RTC can represent the next step. By being totally peer to peer it doesn’t need servers, which seems like progress. However, just because it doesn’t need servers, doesn’t mean that servers can’t be extremely helpful at times. Media servers can help you spread your content quickly and efficiently, far faster than peer to peer networking, boosting the quality for the end user.

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