3 call centre mistakes that drive customers away

3 call centre mistakes that drive customers away
In a modern economy where unique technological solutions are being applied to age-old problems, the success of a business depends more than ever on its ability to enhance customer experience through innovative new methods. One area that is ripe for an increased focus on technology that improves the customer experience is the call centre.

Many businesses still use call centres as part of their corporate strategy, and thus maximising the customer journey and the effectiveness of business phone systems has become essential. With that in mind, here are just a few call centre mistakes that need to be avoided to ensure customers are not driven away.

Lengthy hold periods

One of the major mistakes that drives away customers is being put on hold for a lengthy period of time. For many, this reflects a lack of care or concern on the part of the business being contacted, and can, therefore, result in intense customer dissatisfaction.

Hold times should be carefully monitored so they are as low as possible, with an aim to reduce them entirely. Moreover, perhaps call centre agents require further training, more streamlined processes to speed up their performance, or enhanced software to enable them to access more information in a smaller amount of time.

Long call queues

Customers can become incredibly irritated if they have to wait a long period of time to receive their first interaction with a call centre agent. This can often result in more hostile communications between customers and agents, and helps to drive customers away.

Businesses must, therefore, prioritise having an adequate number of agents on hand to deal with the expected call volume. This can involve simply hiring more staff, streamlining work schedules so that peak call times are always well-staffed, or hiring remote agents to work during periods of high demand.

Repeatedly asking for information

Another mistake for businesses to avoid is to repeatedly ask customers to provide their personal information. If a caller has been shuffled around various agents and has to provide their details each time, they will become increasingly frustrated with the process; moreover, call times will only be increased, potentially creating long call queues. Prioritising software systems that keep track of customer data so that it is always at hand for call centre agents can help to avert the problem. Call us today on 01625 466600 to discuss your requirement.

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