2018 call center technology trends

2018 call center technology trends
With the start of a new year upon us, it is time to reflect on what we learnt in 2018. In the world of call center technology, there were plenty of developments last year which could come to shape the future. So let’s take a look at some of them:

The age of analytics

In order to get the most out of call center operatives, SMEs to larger organisations are relying more and more on analytics. In 2018, analytics got more sophisticated, and we can now collate and analyse data from recordings, emails and messages better than ever, monitoring the performance of call center agents to provide constructive guidance which can lead to improvements. Managers can now benefit from real-time updates on dashboards, letting them know exactly how their agents are getting on.

Call center agents ‘go remote’

With the emergence of Cloud technology, there is now more scope than ever for call center agents to work remotely, rather from an actual call center itself. What are the incentives? Remote workers get to save on transport costs by working from home, and businesses can reduce their overheads by shrinking down their offices. Remote agents can still be trained, and managed, via the web. One on one discussions with line managers can be conducted using VoIP or Skype, while team meetings can be held via video conferences.

Social media management

It was once the case that social media accounts could be looked after with a couple of posts a day, with messages from customers and visitors to a profile page being answered periodically. In 2018, it was clear that more people now expect to be able to communicate directly, and in some cases instantly, with organisations via their social media pages. That has led to systems which allow social media to be brought into the main communication stream, which can be controlled and responded to by call centers. This has allowed social media accounts to open up a new two-way communication channel, which can improve customer service and convenience. Negative feedback can also be addressed and responded to quicker.

Those are some of the trends which we have seen emerge in call center technology. We wonder what 2019 will have in store?

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