A beginner’s guide to the Internet of Things

A beginner’s guide to the Internet of Things
There is no doubt that the Internet of Things has made a real impact. This is especially true in the business world where it can help firms to work in a more streamlined, efficient manner. While you may have heard of the IoT though, you may still be unsure as to what it is or how it all works.

What exactly is the Internet of Things?

Some people simply struggle with getting a definition of the IoT to hang their hat on. In simple terms, it refers to the connection of smart electronic devices to the internet in an integrated network. This allows not only connected devices to communicate with each other but for them to be remotely controlled via the internet by users.

Common IoT terms to know;

Of course, it is also important to know the key terminology around this fast-growing sector. This will help you if you choose to get it installed. Here are some vital terms to know:

IoT ecosystem – this is all the components that allow your business to connect up their IoT enabled devices. This can be anything from networks to gateways and dashboards

Physical layer – the sensors and networking hardware in IoT devices.

Network layer – the digital process that transmits data collected from the physical layer to various devices.

Application layer – this refers to the interfaces and protocols that allows IoT devices to talk to each other.

What can the IoT do for your business?

Now we know more about the Internet of Things in general, it is worth pinning down what benefits it brings to the business world. In terms of telecommunications, it can help your company to communicate better internally and with your customers. Using the IoT to drive a push for unified communications in your business will ensure your staff work smarter and are more productive. This way of working also gives companies access to more data on their operation so they can make future improvements based on it. IoT for business can also perform repetitive, low-value tasks which then releases your employees to focus on more important things.

The Internet of Things is a game-changer;

As the above shows, this way of working could be a real game-changer for businesses. It allows you to work in a more connected, smarter way and gain access to extra business data to analyse. Call us today on 01625 466600 to discuss your connectivity options

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