What is Web RTC and how can it be used?

What is Web RTC and how can it be used?

A current hot topic in the world of telecommunications is Web RTC. A real step forward in terms of telecoms history, this innovative product is changing the telecommunications landscape. Although first released in 2011, it is in recent years that Web RTC has made a real impact in terms of telecommunications.

What is Web RTC?

Web RTC stands for Web Real Time Communication. It is a tool that integrates with your phone system and web browser to allow for easy video chats or voice calls from customers. Based on HTML5 technology, any web browser that uses this will be able to use Web RTC too. In simple terms, it makes it much easier to receive or initiate voice or video calls for your organisation.

How can Web RTC help your company?

As a business communication tool, Web RTC is amazing. The real advantage it has is that it removes the need for additional plug-ins or software on your website to make voice or video calls available. With Web RTC installed, customers can simply choose to phone or video call direct from your website in an easy, fast manner.

In the past, third-party plug-ins to allow this to happen could not offer the best performance and lead to customer frustration. Web RTC streamlines the whole process and gives a stable, lightweight way for customers to interact with your staff. The calls made with this application work in the same way as normal SIP calls with no specialised interfaces needed.

What benefits does Web RTC offer?

The prime benefit is that it will streamline your telecommunications with customers and give them more flexibility in how they interact with you. Being able to offer a video call option will also mark your organisation out as forward thinking and on the cutting-edge of customer service.

It is easy to integrate into your current telecommunications set-up and requires minimal staff training to use effectively. As a business tool, it offers the next step forward in telecoms history and a really efficient way to speak with customers. The way you interact with customers is vital to continued business growth. A tool like Web RTC is very handy for all organisations to use as it makes this much easier and gives the consumer greater choice in how it happens. Speak to us today to plan your digital transformation – 01625 466600

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