What can Gamma mobile connect do for your business? Eliminate that ‘snow’ day!

What can Gamma mobile connect do for your business?

The Gamma Horizon hosted phone system is one that many businesses now use to handle their calls. Based in the cloud, it gives superb flexibility and features to handle your customer interactions with. For many organisations in the modern business world, staff mobility is a reality. Being able to offer the same kind of call handling power to workers using their smartphone is therefore a great bonus for many businesses.

This is where Gamma mobile connect comes into play.

Horizon and Gamma mobile united as one

Gamma Connect is a truly innovative solution that unites fixed and mobile services. Making use of the existing Gamma mobile network, it allows mobile phone users to have powerful call handling and management as they would in the office.

As it uses the existing Gamma mobile network, all integration to make this happen is done within the network itself. That means no apps or data connections are needed to make calls and use your mobile phone in this way. It really does help to overcome any limitations around traditional mobile apps requiring 3G and above connectivity to integrate fully as part of your hosted office phone system.

What specific benefits can Gamma Connect bring?

If you are thinking of using this cutting-edge new technology in your organisation, here’s how it can help:

Greater business flexibility

Not all organisations now want staff tied to their desks. As more businesses move towards a fluid, agile working model then call handling has to move with them. By using Connect, you are empowering your staff to work where they are most needed and be better prepared to answer your customers’ needs.

Improved productivity – even when it snows

Another great feature of this system is that it will see your workers’ productivity rise. As they can handle calls from their mobile phone wherever they are, they can work where the demand is. This will mean less time anchored to a desk and will allow complete call flow functionality even when on a ‘snow day’

Easy to adopt

Let’s face it – when it comes to having new tech installed, most businesses worry about it hitting their workflow. With Connect, this is not an issue as it is very easy to integrate into your existing Horizon hosted phone system. Once up and running, it can be used on any mobile phone you desire for full practicality.

If you would like to know more about Gamma Connect or Horizon, then give us a call today on 01625 466600. We can take you through the finer details and help you decide if it is the system for you.

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