How to base your phone system around the ‘customer journey’

How to base your phone system around the 'customer journey' Understanding what your customers want is key for your business. Regardless of how good your business model is, or how much money you have invested into your customer services call centre, your business will not be successful unless you understand what the customer wants, needs [...]

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Web RTC – Join the digital revolution

Web RTC - join the digital revolution Do you need a way to streamline the service you offer to customers? Or are you looking for a way to maintain an edge over your competitors? Let Web RTC help and join the digital revolution within business. What is Web RTC? All sectors within business are undergoing [...]

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Why Web RTC is a must for productive workplaces.

Why Web RTC is a must for productive workplaces Productivity in the workplace is a hotter topic than it's ever been, with the need for a team and workforce that can achieve goals, work autonomously and achieve projects a must for the modern office or company. This is twofold with businesses that opt for flexible [...]

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How can your call centre benefit from Web RTC technology?

How can your call center benefit from Web RTC technology? When it comes to thinking about how Web RTC technology can be used within telecommunications, call centers are a great example. While this kind of system can be used in a range of business settings, the call center environment seems to really suit it. Of [...]

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The impact of your phone system on customer experience

The impact of your phone system on customer experience. In this age of the digital and e-commerce, an increasing amount of transactions take place online without us ever having to set foot in a physical store. In fact, according to Remarkety, in the UK $166 billion was spent online in 2016 alone ( Therefore being [...]

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