How a WAN can benefit larger businesses?

How a WAN can benefit larger businesses?

If you have a large business with multiple branches across the country then you will probably be wanting them all connected up. If so, then you need a Wide Area Network (WAN for short)!

What exactly is a WAN?

A wide area network is superb for larger businesses due to their ability to work over wide geographical areas. They can travel across cities, countries and continents to connect up all your network into one secure whole. If you have a company that has a main HQ in one town and then a couple of smaller local offices in other towns then a WAN is the perfect way to network them together.

Let a WAN bring all the advantages it has to you

If you are considering which data network is best suited for you, then a WAN has the benefits below:

Scalability – one key area where this type of network is perfect for bigger companies is its sheer scale. As already noted a WAN can operate on a huge, worldwide scale which other networks cannot without it being overly complex or expensive.

Greater flexibility – with a WAN, your staff have much more flexibility in accessing your systems from home. Without this, they would have to be physically in the office to do so on their work computer. With a WAN, they can use their internet connection at home instead to log on which is much better for remote or flexible working.

Lower costs – a real secret benefit of using a WAN is that it can often be cheaper! This is because the network makes use of public infrastructure to operate, thus driving down cost. In many cases, setting up a WAN can be as quick and easy as installing the correct software onsite.

To WAN or not to WAN – that is the question?

Of course, as with anything of this nature, the final decision will rest on what you need at an individual level for your organisation. There is no doubt however that a WAN is a serious option if you need the scale and flexibility that it offers as a network, call us today on 01625 466600 to discuss your requirement

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