From P2P to VPN: a brief look at WAN systems

From P2P to VPN: a brief look at WAN solutions

A wide area network (WAN) can be extremely beneficial to businesses with two or more business locations. Basically, a WAN consists of a network that connects several local area networks (LANs). Within the business environment a WAN could consist of connections to a company HQ and various branch offices and other business facilities. A WAN solution supports internal communication, the business intranet and business computer systems, and can be facilitated via peer to peer (P2P) networks or virtual private networks (VPNs).

Delving deeper into WAN systems: P2P vs VPN

A P2P can be used to link up multiple sites within a geographical distance of around 25 miles, so is very useful for businesses with a number of offices in close proximity. One major benefit of P2P systems is that they don’t share bandwidth with any other organisations, so work out a lot faster than typical broadband connections.

Some added advantages of P2P WAN are that it is easy to fit and configuration of computers is a simple matter. Additionally, P2P is more stable and reliable as there is no central dependency. The failure of one peer in the system does not affect the performance of the others. Unlike in a server-based network which will fail entirely if the server goes down. With P2P systems there is no added requirement for a central system administrator, as each independent computer user is responsible for their own machines and can control their shared resources.

A WAN that’s facilitated via VPN can be used to service remote offices in any geographical location. Use of VPN ensures all data transmitted is securely encrypted and all facilities in the network will have access to the same IT systems and data. An added benefit of a VPN WAN is that a range of different peripherals can be shared by all network users.

Which WAN for you?

If you do decide that a WAN would be beneficial for your organisation, it will be advisable to make a complete note of your company’s requirements. Call us today to discuss your requirements -01625 466600

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