Christmas donation to the East Cheshire Hospice

Christmas donation to the East Cheshire Hospice


A very kind supporter donated 16 brand new Smart TVs to the Hospice for its bedrooms so that each patient and their family would have the viewing experience that many of us take for granted at home.

 East Cheshire Hospice IT Manager, Mike Drew said:

 “With our old TVs, patients couldn’t view any catch-up programmes, and this is a real problem when your sleep patterns are all over the place. Receiving the donation was wonderful and I quickly realised that each new TV would need decent connectivity to the internet to access all the functions, that’s when I turned to Reliance for their advice and support.”

Although the Hospice has a high spec Wi-Fi infrastructure, coverage to some parts of the building is patchy. Mike also wanted to keep the TV streaming away from the day-to-day Voice and Video traffic which the wireless network supports.

 When Reliance learned of the donation of TVs and the connectivity issue, they quickly dropped in to the site to assess the situation with Mike. The result of the visit was the donation of a completely new Cat5e cable architecture exclusively for the use of the Smart TVs installed at each patient bed.

Reliance Managing Director, Sean Gooding said: 

“Anyone who knows the fantastic work of the Hospice would want to try to help in any way possible when an opportunity presents itself. I don’t know the individual who has donated the smart TVs, however, we at Reliance wanted to match their kindness to ensure Hospice patients and their visiting families could benefit from this state-of-the-art technology as soon as possible. We’re delighted to have been able to donate the cabling, our expertise and time to the Hospice so that Mike can connect the donated TVs in time for the Christmas period.”

Happy Christmas all!

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