Call recording for SME’s

Why SMEs should invest in call recording

Call recording software used to be available only to large corporate businesses with big budgets – but advances in technology and cost-effective licensing solutions now mean that the feature is available to SMEs. What’s more, it offers significant benefits that can help these small and growing businesses in a range of measurable ways.

1. Customer service and engagement

Today’s businesses are heavily focused on customer experience as a means of gaining new custom, retaining loyalty and encouraging repeat sales. Although live chat, email and messaging is growing in prominence, customers still want the ability to speak to businesses. When a business records its calls, operational managers can listen to the way that staff interact with customers, and analyse the typical issues that customers call to discuss. Common issues can be identified to kick-off proactive remedial work before they escalate.

2. Better processes and call handling

Call recording features also allow operational managers to develop better phone scripts and to engineer processes more effectively around changing customer needs. The recorded calls provide the valuable insight that managers need to make insightful decisions to change operations and procedures.

3. Training

Call recording provides genuine examples of different calls to help train and develop staff. The recordings can be used to build performance in a 1-2-1 situation and to flag up examples of well-handled calls, and those which require a different approach. ‘Real’ recorded calls will always be more valuable than role-play within a training room.

4. Legal support

The modern business environment requires a trail of auditable data, particularly where regulations are concerned or where customer claims may occur. By recording calls, businesses have that evidenced trail of interactions which took place between the business and the claimant, ensuring that the facts can be proven. This supports broader risk management initiatives.

5. A faster helpdesk

A knowledge base of prior calls can help your helpdesk team by providing a database of previous resolved calls. When a complex query arises, the team can look back over how similar or related calls were handled in the past, saving time and preventing any need to ‘reinvent the wheel’.

These are just five benefits – but they are certainly powerful enough for today’s SMEs to look at investment in modern call handling solutions for a more customer-focused, compliant, robust and efficient business. Talk to us today to discuss your requirements 01625 466600

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