Benefits of WebRTC

Benefits of WebRTC

When it comes to deciding which programme to use for real time communication it is important to choose one that can be relied upon and that can work between different devices. WebRTC (Web Realtime Communication) is an innovative technology that can be used for a number of tasks.

Why WebRTC?

Most useful is the system’s applications for peer-to-peer communications both with audio and video. It is a system that is very efficient and powerful for companies that rely on web based communications between clients and colleagues. It is also becoming an ever increasingly popular tool for both business and civilian use. This is for a number of reasons.

It has a broad appeal

The system allows voices and video to appear within web pages in real time, and plug ins do not need to be installed within browsers for it to work. WebRTC first came out in 2011 and has evolved dramatically since then. It looks to become the most dominant form of web based communication in the future. It is estimated that 2 billion browsers are now installed with WebRTC functionality and this universal compatibility makes it a system with massive broad appeal.

The system is open source and free

A vibrant community has grown around WebRTC and is helping to create system improvements and modifications to give it an even broader set of applications.

Javascript and impressive compatibility

It is based around Javascript which makes it a perfect system for popular browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. It is also compatible with a number of great devices. All unified communications and communications features available in the web browser, without installation of any desktop software. A Full VoIP System including the only browser-based WebRTC Phone for audio and video calls.

The system is an ideal choice for real time communications. This is due to its open source nature, the community that has grown around the system and its broad availability. Some systems have a short life span, but WebRTC is constantly evolving and can therefore be relied upon to service a company for years to come. Contact Reliance IP Networks today to find out more.

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