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Call recording for SME’s

Why SMEs should invest in call recording Call recording software used to be available only to large corporate businesses with big budgets - but advances in technology and cost-effective licensing solutions now mean that the feature is available to SMEs. What's more, it offers significant benefits that can help these small and growing businesses in [...]

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3 Top reasons to invest in a quality phone system

With expectancy for customer service and support over the phone at an all-time high, for any business, a quality telecommunications solution is a must. If you want to wow your customers and impress the people who pick up the phone, here are 3 reasons why fantastic telecoms is vital. Quality and quantity By using an [...]

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What you need to know about MPLS

About MPLS Multi protocol label switching (MPLS) is a scalable WAN that can be used for both voice calls and data. It is a system that will ensure packets of data get to their recipient destination, using a sensible route and that data packets are prioritised in an appropriate fashion. All data packets are labelled [...]

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How a WAN can benefit larger businesses?

How a WAN can benefit larger businesses? If you have a large business with multiple branches across the country then you will probably be wanting them all connected up. If so, then you need a Wide Area Network (WAN for short)! What exactly is a WAN? A wide area network is superb for larger businesses [...]

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Getting ready for GDPR – it’s almost here!

Getting ready for GDPR - it's almost here! As most business owners will be aware by now, the new GDPR regulations come into effect in May of this year. Although that seems a time away still, it will be here before you know it! If you still have some things to sort out to be [...]

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How call recording can help your business grow

How call recording can help your business grow When many businesses think about call recording, it is from a purely legal viewpoint. The main consideration around this aspect of a business can just be complying with the various legal regulations. While this is obviously essential, call recording can do so much more for your company [...]

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Telecoms and GDPR – What will change?

Telecoms and GDPR - What will change? Businesses across the country which handle data are in the process of readying themselves for the impact of the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation. Companies in the telecoms industry, or organisations which routinely use telecoms communication in their day-to-day business, will need to take into account [...]

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GDPR is coming – What are the penalties for a breach?

GDPR is coming - What are the penalties for a breach? If you are involved in any kind of business that uses call recording, then you should be well on the road to being ready for GDPR and telecoms laws to come into full effect. As of May 2018, every business who records calls with [...]

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3 ways that 4IPNet Wi-Fi helps your business thrive

3 ways that 4IPNet Wi-Fi helps your business thrive The ICON 4IPNet Wi-Fi service allows your business to remain connected to the web at all times. The internet now plays a hugely important role in our daily lives, but it is vital for the efficient running of any business. If your telephone system has cordless [...]

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