3 reasons Avaya IP Office is the best phone system for your SME

3 reasons Avaya IP Office is the best phone system for your SME

At the very heart of every successful SME is the ability to communicate effectively. A huge part of this in the business world is the phone system you have in place. An effective phone system gives your customers a direct and simple way to contact you. It will also make internal collaboration with various teams much improved for more productive output.

For many SME’s, Avaya IP Office is the phone system they choose. If you are wondering why, here are the three main benefits it can bring.

Full flexibility

Traditional phone systems and packages for business were fairly inflexible. You would usually be on a pre-agreed deal for capacity or features and pay the set amount, regardless of what you actually used. Of course, this could see you paying for more than you actually used each month!

With the Avaya IP Office system, this is not the case at all. When installed, you can configure the set-up to your individual needs and only pay for the features that you want or will use. Activating new user licenses is also easy with this system and means you don’t have to spend money on new physical hardware each time.


A real bonus of using the Avaya IP Office system is that it is so user-friendly. Once installed, its intuitive navigation will make it simple for your staff to start using it. There is no need for complex training courses or reading large manuals! All the actions that they may need to take are done from the handset via the navigation buttons there for full ease of use.


In the modern workplace, many staff will work out in the field or on the move. The Avaya IP Office phone system can handle this and that makes it a real cutting-edge tool for any SME. Compared to traditional phone systems, connecting Avaya to a mobile and using OneX portal is a breeze. Compatible with both mobile phones and desktop, it will make staying in touch simple for staff, wherever they are!

If you run an SME and are thinking of upgrading your phone system, then Avaya IP Office is a great choice. Not only will it make your business more efficient and improve customer service but it will also grow as you do too. Call us today to discuss your requirements – 01625 466600

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